What does AIRMAN cost?

Note our Subscription model has changed as of today and this FAQ is currently being rewritten and will eventually include the price matrix for all versions and connection amounts.

AIRMAN is offered as a Software Service. Under this Service Plan you have three versions of AIRMAN available to you. They are Express, Professional and Enterprise.

The Express version provides the core suite of logging tools most airports require. They are Wildlife, Daily Duties and the Miscellaneous Log. These three alone cover a good majority of what a typical airport manager may need to collect data on.

The Professional version includes everything in the Express, but also includes all other Operational Modules such as Audits/Inspections, Equipment Management, User accessibility management, advanced Dashboard Management etc.

The Enterprise Version includes everything from the Professional version, plus all remaining features such as the full SMS Toolset(Root Cause Analysis, Risk Assessments, Corrective Action Management), Employee Qualification Management, Work Orders etc.

Once you have decided which version is right for you, the only remaining factor is to decide on the number of devices(Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & SmartPhones) needing connection to AIRMAN. The pricing is scaled, so the more connections you add, the less you pay per connection.

So in its simplest setup, a small airport with a single computer can have the Express  for a $1 per day with unlimited users.



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